Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hello poets and readers,

As some of you know, Michelle Naka Pierce and I are traversing the country this year, bringing avant-goodness to any group of people who will sit still long enough to listen. I'm also making a solemn promise to anyone good enough to attend one of our readings: if you approach me and say, in your most menacing voice "Give me my fucking gift, poet!," I will give you a secret poetry gift. Because we're all in the Olympic spirit, points will be awarded for maximizing the element of surprise and for the originality of your delivery; hence, the more points awarded, the greater the gift. And face it: it's been months since your last birthday, the heat is making you cranky, and there's nothing you'd like more than to tell someone off and be awarded a prize for it. So if you're in the Portland, OR area this Sunday, come on down and get your grouch on.

Chris Pusateri, Michelle Naka Pierce and Stephen Vincent read from new work
Sunday, August 12th @ 7:30pm
The Waypost
3120 N. William Ave
Portland, OR
Complete details and bios @

Now, despite what Heisenberg says, you can't always be everywhere at once. So for those of you whose hearts are in Portland but whose corporeal forms are in Denver or Boulder, let me strongly recommend that you drop by Innisfree Poetry Bookstore, to check out the inimitable Debrah Morkun, author of The Ida Pingala and Projection Machine, both by BlazeVox. She's appearing with j/j hastain.

Debrah Morkun & j/j hastain
Saturday, August 11, 2012 @ 4pm
Innisfree Poetry Bookstore
1203 13th St, Ste A
Boulder, CO 80302
More info @

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